Week 7- Update

Congratulations to week 3 challenge winners:  Dave Boss, Tom Flood, Wang, Pat McGowan, and Nathan Morris. Kitty’s are available at CP9 during regular league hours.

Don’t forget League BBQ is now June 27th!!!!! Save the date. Early Registration is now available for our Steak-Out Saloon Charity Scramble. Do not forget your discount for league members! 2 flights this year!

Discount code: LEAGUE100

I cannot reapply your league discount without a $25 refund/rerun fee. Use the code! Please access the league discounts page for other amazing league perks and reminders!

Next week’s challenges are: 2nd shot challenge day

  • Closest 2nd on #3
  • Closest 2nd on #4
  • Closest 2nd on #6
  • Closest 2nd on #8
  • Long putt on #7