Lender options

Team FOCO Snow always recommends shopping for the best lender fit; however, here is a list of lenders that I know will go the extra mile for your happiness and rate.

Things you will need for a FREE lender Consult for a starting baseline:

  1. Last 2 year’s federal tax returns with all schedules and forms used for personal and business
  2.  Last 2 years of W-2’s, K-1’s, 1099’s, SS or retirement awards letters, pension letters showing monthly income.
  3. Last two paychecks. 
  4. Credit pull authorization- this can be a soft pull!
  5. Employer info since for the last 2 years.
  6. Copy of driver’s licenses.
  7. Have you been negatively affected by COVID for employment or pay this year?
  8. Optimistic attitude with a determined focus on the goal of owning a home.

Matt Ogrean

at with Team ‘PAZ”

For my Restaurant Industry buyer’s. Matt has made the transition to the lending world after 20 years in the restaurant trenches. He understands the challenges of income reporting and the differences in cash flow from one season to another. He is a rising star on team “PAZ” and has been a community counselor with his patience and dedication to each applicant.

  • Mortgage Broker/Partner
  • NMLS#1941683
  • Team Paz @ Excel Financial Group
  • O: (970) 430-6920   
  • C: (970) 980-5883   

Kyle McCormick

Excel Mortgage

Kyle is amazing with first time buyers. He happily and easily explains the complexities of the mortgage world. Kyle also owns Rocky Mountain Box Company, which is Eco-friendly moving box rental service, available for your move! Kyle is a friendly face and makes even the most hesitant buyer feel comfortable applying for a loan.

Joe Whitlock

at Universal Lending Home Loans

Joe grew up in Fort Collins and is everything you would expect of a Fort Collins local. He has a kind, friendly and has patient way of explaining the lending process and loves working with first time buyers. Additionally, his lending group has specialized in Veteran loans and has been recognized as Military Friendly for 3 consecutive years.

  • Loan Consultant
  • NMLS# 858990
  • C: 702-281-5928  
  • O: 970-232-2718

Molly Kincaid

with NuWay Lending llc

Molly works all over Northern Colorado and is great at explaining different loan scenarios in relation to your monthly mortgage payment. She does and amazing spreadsheet that makes buyer’s options easy to read and understand. She is also a mother of two and fully understands the challenges of buying for a growing family.

Chris Pasquinzo

Excel Mortgage

Chris works out of the Opera Galleria in Downtown Fort Collins. He is fast, easy, conveniently located and has a way with numbers that can compete with new build lenders. Chris has quickly built a reputation among buyers with is low fees and ability to find the best rates in town. His firm has also licensed Wyoming lenders if you are thinking of buying a second home.

  • Senior Mortgage Broker & Partner
  • NMLS# 294931
  • D: (970) 232-3596   
  • C: (970) 682-9263   
  • cjpasquinzo@msn.com

Chris Coley

Chris is an avid hunter and family man in town. He has the tools provided, has a bank backed lender to have flexible rates and can even offer lower rates that are set by freddie and fannie mac. Local bank lenders have many perks that you might find refreshing, confident and fun. Ask him about construction and renovation loans!

  • Mortgage Originator
  • NMLS# 1614974
  • D: (970) 416-3353   
  • C: (970) 690-3514   
  • ccoley@bankmvb.com

Marc Erickson

Mark is a young lender that is aggressive with his approach and has creative ways to look at lending. If you need a bank statement loan or no-doc option Marc is your guy. He is amazing at removing PMI insurance and making that monthly more attractive.

Contact Information:

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Cell: (970) 691-SNOW

Email: adamsnow.co@gmail.com

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