Week 7 update and BBQ info for this Sunday the 5th

BBQ is this Sunday June 5th- 800 Grouse Circle

1:00pm – dusk

Please pick up your challenge winnings from City Park on Tuesdays! Please write your name clearly

  • Kyle Dunbar
  • Hank Streiker
  • Krystal Hunt
  • Paul Baker
  • Mark Biddle
  • Tyler Nichols
  • Sam Graf
  • Craig Powell
  • Joel Nordby
  • Dustin Larson
  • J.T Hoffman

Next Weekś Challenges: As always, no Mulligans and #7 pays a $50 SOS Gift Card-

Off in the Woods proxy day- sorry boring fairway golfers!

  • Closest to the mark on # 1
  • Closest to the mark on # 3
  • Closest to the mark on # 4
  • Closest to the mark on # 6
  • Closest to the mark on # 7
  • Longest putt on #7

Please remember to tee off as soon as the team ahead is out of range. Short hitters are encouraged to tee off first. We play ready golf! No provisional balls and mulligans are 2 per team, not 2 per player.