Week #2

Hello Golfers-

League Tracker is all set up and I have opened scoring for week two! For last years players don’t forget to select the season 2021.

League Tracker scoring directions after logged into League Tracker:

League I.D. SteakoutSaloon     Password: beer&golfclub

  1. Menu
  2. Scorecards
  3. Live Score Entry
  4. Enter Scores: Round #1- Please elect 1 scorer per foursome and discuss scores after each hole.

Week 1/2 Challenges: Don’t forget your $2 kitty

  • Closest to the pin on #2
  • Closest to the mark on #5
  • Closest 2nd shot to the pin from behind the ditch on #6
  • Long putt on #7- (Paid with $50 Steak-Out Saloon gift card)
  • Closest to the flag on #8

Remember Mulligans are not allowed on winning challenge shots!

I hope to see you all this week! Rain or Shine!