Week 2 – 2 putt max

League will not be canceled today, bring a rain jacket! It the fairways get to wet the course may restrict carts.

Raindays- If 50% of League is able to make the round then we require a make-up to be played within two weeks. Please clearly designate who played, team name and the date that league was missed (important). Please turn all make up scorecards into the clubhouse. 

Also, the course has punched the greens, so we are playing 2 putt max. This mean that you have 1 attempt to sink your putt and of you miss simply mark it as a 2 put.

This will make play very quick.


  • Hole #1 you make it to the green in 2 strokes!
  • In all the excitement you leave your long putt 6 feet short.
  • pick up you ball and record the hole as a (4).