Week 14 Update

League Standings: click here


  • Charity Tournament is now available for early sign ups. Don’t forget to use your league discount code ($100 off) and other fun league perks. LEAGUE DISCOUNTS . 
  • New League end date: League discount ends on August 8th- Last day of league!
  • Please remember that ¨Players must post a MINIMUM of 12 weeks to be eligible for the playoffs.¨
  • League Finals are still the 15th of August at the MAD RUSSIAN!

Last week Challenge winners. Please pick up your challenge winnings from City Park on Tuesdays! Please write your name clearly

  • Ben Cochran
  • Warren B.
  • Marc Parker
  • Kyler Dunbar
  • Gary Block#7

Challenges- 2 weeks Togo!

  • Closest 2nd shot #1
  • Closest 2nd shot #3
  • Closest 2nd shot #5
  • Closest 2nd shot #8
  • Longest Putt on #7

Please remember to tee off as soon as the team ahead is out of range. 

We play ready golf! No provisional balls and mulligans are 2 per team, not 2 per player and allowed anywhere except the greens.