Week 12- Update


  • League has been extended 1 week because the Fourth of July lands on a Tuesday this year. NO LEAGUE on the 4th- eat a hot dog, drink a beer, enjoy the Fireworks!
  • Charity Tournament is now available for early sign ups. Don’t forget to use your league discount code ($100 off) and other fun league perks. LEAGUE DISCOUNTS . 
  • New League end date: League discount ends on August 8th- Last day of league!
  • Please remember that ¨Players must post a MINIMUM of 12 weeks to be eligible for the playoffs.¨
  • League Finals are still the 15th of August.

Last week Challenge winners. Please pick up your challenge winnings from City Park on Tuesdays! Please write your name clearly

  • Pat Schnaldt
  • Carter Richards
  • Tim Grabham
  • Lauren Junl
  • Cj Gladstone #7

Challenges- Normal League challenges – Boring!

  • Long Drive on #1
  • Longest Putt on #4
  • Long Drive Ladies and Senior Tees on #5
  • Longest putt on #7- Gift card
  • Longest Putt on #8

Please remember to tee off as soon as the team ahead is out of range. 

We play ready golf! No provisional balls and mulligans are 2 per team, not 2 per player and allowed anywhere except the greens.