Week 1- Longer that normal post

SAVE the DATE for mid-season BBQ June 10th

Welcome players to our 2023 Golf Season. – Please read

  • First week of play is April 18th.
  • Each team is allotted 2 mulligans per TEAM. This means that if you are having a great round and your partner needs both mulligans, that is ok.
  • Mulligans are allowed to be taken anywhere except the greens. No mulligan putts!
  • No cutting the corner on #3 Tee box. WWJLD. If you hit O.B. take a lateral drop (+1) and continue play.
  • Keep up pace with the team in front of you. This means that shorter hitters should be teeing off first on par 5s.
  • NO Provisionals! Out of Bound Shots result in a stroke penalty & drop at Point of O.B. Except on #3 use lateral drop rules.
  • We have 5 x $50 prizes each week! Be sure to check your weekly update to stay informed on challenges. (NO MULLYS on CHALLENGES)
  • You Must Play in your Designated Tee Flight!
  • All scores must be entered by end of day each Tuesday
  • All absent play must drop a Scorecard to Clubhouse before week missed clearly labeled with the date missed.

Week 1 Challenges: Sample of Challenges

  • Closest to the pin on #2
  • Closest to the mark on #5
  • Closest 2nd shot to the pin from behind the ditch on #6
  • Long putt on #7- this is the only consistent challenge and paid with a SOS gift card.
  • Closest 3rd shot to the pin from behind the ditch on #8

Mulligans not allowed.