Tee Times are official and First Weeks Challenges

Tee Times are official: If you did not request a time slot please call CP9 on Monday and request an open time.

  • The course is aerating and we will be playing 2 putt Max. If you miss your first putt pick up your ball and record it as a 2 putt.
  • There is construction on Mulberry for the first few weeks. Please plan accordingly for traffic and access the course from Oak Street.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your Tee time to allow for the chaos if the first week.

First weeks Challenges are:

  1. Closest 2nd shot to the hole on #1
  2. Closest to the mark from tee box  on #3
  3. Closest to but not in the Sand Trap on #5
  4. Longest putt on #7 (paid with sos gift card)
  5. Closest to the hole from the tee box on #9

I hope to see everyone at the Clubhouse (Steak-Out Saloon) after their round.