Updated: Playoffs info- READ ME!!!!……again

Hello everybody,

If rain becomes an issue everyone will have until Sunday evening to make up their round. NO Exceptions!

If you are playing your last week before Sunday please hold your score until league tracker opens on Monday! Then input normally.

I will have final leader boards available by Thursday August 12th to give finalists time to be available.

Playoff are August 17th!!!

Finalist will have the option to ride a catered bus to Highland Hills for out playoff round. Bus leaves Steak-Out at 10 am And I am requesting players to be at 152 w. Mountain no later than 9:30. First tee time is at 11:30.

We are taking the top 8 teams as a reminder. If you cannot attend the next team in the position will be contacted and invited to play! Please confirm attendance by Saturday evening- August 14th.

Thank you