New Stuff

I email this to everyone last month but wanted to also post it here for reference.
  • Weekly challenges are back! Hand sanitizers will be provided at every placket.
    • Don’t forget your weekly $2 kitty.
  • A QR code will be availible at City Park for a fast track to the golf league tab.
  • All league tracker kinks have be solved and we will be using it moving forward.
  • Teams are rewarded points for posting a score every week- please make your tee time.
  • Covid-19 related absences will only be entered by myself. Please call me immediately and email a copy of your testing results before returning to play. A covid-19 testing confirmation is mandatory to back log a missed tee times.
  • All non-covid-19 related absences must be played prior to the week missed.
  • Punch cards are back for league perks! Your free drink or cocktail and 20% off entrée will honored any time during the corresponding week to allow for reduced capacity, but we would love to see you after your round!
  • Please refer to the League Format page for general questions.
On a personal note– It’s been a crazy year. My wife and I each lost a parent this last year and our family cat, Kala, but were blessed to add our son Kevin William Snow to our little family. If any one needs personal time off golf, please reach-out. I will do my best to accommodate any missed weeks or special scheduling needs.