First Week Tee Sheet Coming Tomorrow

Thank you everyone for watching the Master’s with us and recording their first weeks tee time (4/19). I will have times posted tomorrow as I am still tracking down the last few team that could not make the Master’s Sunday. 

As a reminder

  • The weekly betting kitty is $2 Dollars per person.Paid at the Club House when you pay your greens fees.
  • The $2 Kitty also gets your team 2 Mulligan’s.
  • Mulligans are cool anywhere except the greens.
  • No cutting the corner on #3 Tee box. WWJLD
  • Keep pace with the team in front of you.
  • NO Provisionals! Out of Bound Shots result in a stroke penalty & drop at Point of O.B.
  • One of the kitty prizes will always be a $50 Charge card @ the Steak-Out Saloon.
  • You Must Play in your Designated Tee Flight
Thank you for checking your weekly updates!