Best buyers season in years is upon us.

Housing market is flatlining this Fall through Winter. Now is the time to buy.
Reasons why:
  • EHAP- Emergency Housing Assistance Program maximum allowance is ending this month.
  • Mortgage Moritorium under pressure to act, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a extension deadline on Aug. 3 that will last two months and is aimed at renters in areas with substantial or high spread of COVID-19. BACK RENT IS coming DUE OCTOBER 3rd. 
  • Colorado has so far distributed more than $121 million in emergency rental assistance it received from various federal and state stimulus packages. But thousands of applications remain in limbo, according to data from the Department of Local Affairs.
  • Many small property landlords cannot afford this back mortgage and will be listing there previous rental properties this winter.
  • Listing in Fort Collins have are up ~50% this week from last week.
  • Let’s get you under contract during this time of landlord distress. Renter’s revenge for crazy rental rates in Fort Collins!
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