BBQ and League Standings: Attention, please read!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to all the brave souls that make the BBQ yesterday! I was glad I had to many tents to keep us all dry!

League Standings:

I need scores from every team for a minimum of six weeks of play to generate handicaps and then to assign points to each week.

Please check your scores here! weekly scores

If you do not care about league standings, please email me and I will remove your team from my concerned list.  I have to add in Scores to the players that do not record scores. they were assigned 9 per hole and made an -99 handicap.

Please Email me!!!!!!! Do not text or what sup message or Instagram me your scores. Email only!

I will be working on updates to these lists for next 2 weeks.

If you sent me scores and they have not been entered please resend them this week.  I will have everyone’s league shirt that did not grab it from the BBQ at City Park on the 25th, 2nd and 7th!