Week 5 update, Week 6 Challenges and additional info

Save the date: Mid week BBQ June 8th!!!!!

This is the time when handicaps and league standing come up. We also distribute your league shirt, and gather as one big league. I am looking forward to socializing will past and new league players. It´s basically the Fucking Catalina Wine Mixer!

Past Challenge Winners: Prizes are available at CP9 during League Play

  • Ryan Bader – G.C.
  • Sean Kane
  • Marci White
  • Brett Miller
  • Dan Wondercock Jansinki

Week 5 – The Odyssey Putter´s delight

  • Longest Putt on # 1
  • Longest Putt on # 3
  • Longest Putt on # 5
  • Longest Putt on # 9
  • Long putt on #7 – gift card


  • I need first and Last Names for submitted scorecards outside of normal play times and what week the make up is for? 
  • Lee ?
  • Rob ?
  • Wes
  • Chell