I am very happy and proud to announce that after this year’s event we were able to donate $20,000 towards our charities. This is a whopping $3,000 more than what was donated last year!

  • $17,000.00 was given to the City of Fort Collins Youth Recreational Sports Scholarship, which helps provide children in our community with the means to participate in active & healthy recreational sports that their families might otherwise struggle to afford.
  • $2,500.00 was given to a community member that was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. She had the diagnosis a very short time before her liver inflamed with a bad infection and she was put on comfort care and hospice. As a mother of three children, one had just left for college before finding this out. This recipient tragically passed away shortly after our charity event and receiving our donation. Her family was able to use the amount we donated towards her funeral expenses.
  • $500.00 was also given to a financially struggling woman in her 60’s that was just diagnosed with uterus and pancreatic cancer. The closest doctor that specializing in this specific treatment is about 3 hours away from her home. This donation is intended to help her with travel and lodging costs during treatments.


Over the years, Foco Snow Charities, has contributed over $82,000 to the City of Fort Collins Youth Recreational Sports Scholarship, and more than $63,000 to various other community support initiatives. Updated 9/21/2022– THAT IS OVER $145,000.00 IN TOTAL DONATIONS!

The tournament was a blast, and I hope everyone had a great time. We had a total of 292 registered golfers and 10 volunteers for the hole challenges. I am still trying to figure out this whole “double shotgun thing”- and hope to have more volunteers and tighter play times for next year and the years to come!


Thank you for playing, and I hope to see everyone at the golf course again next year!