Week 14 update and Leader-board link

SAVE the DATE: Charity Scramble is August 28th! Sign up here

Do Not Forget League discount code: League100 to save $100

REMINDER!!!!!   NO post-round Make up for the last week of League- No Exceptions

Please pick up your challenge winnings from City Park on Tuesdays! Please write your name clearly

  • Kyle McCormick
  • Chris Meyer
  • John Wallace
  • Andy Ackerson
  • Robin Hauck
  • J.T. Hoffman
  • Stu-Tang Clan
  • Cameron Banninga
  • Connor Garland
  • Dave White
  • Kevin Huber

Next Weekś Challenges: As always, no Mulligans and #7 pays a $50 SOS Gift Card

Bombs and Putts- Must be in fairway, as always for long drives

  • Long Drive on #1
  • Long putt on #3
  • Long Drive on #4
  • Long Drive Ladies #4
  • Long Putt on #5
  • Long Drive on #8

Leader board Link

  • Please remember to tee off as soon as the team ahead is out of range. Short hitters are encouraged to tee off first, aka Tim Grabham.

We play ready golf! No provisional balls and mulligans are 2 per team, not 2 per player.