Week 3 recap

Save the Date: BBQ is now scheduled for June 12th 

Tee times are updated: Please remember that I cannot plug in forgetful teams after Thursday evening and that scores must be entered before the Thursday night of any given week. Friday Starts the new week!

Please pick up your challenge winnings from City Park on Tuesdays!

  • Cody Farnell
  • Mitch S. of Mitch & R.B.
  • Eric Flashner
  • Scott Ochwat
  • Craig Powell
  • Dustin Larson
  • Hunter Fitz
  • Shay Bebout
  • Nick Adler
  • Justin Thompson

Next week’s Challenges are and as always, no Mulligans and #7 pays a $50 SOS Gift Card

1st is the Worst 2nd is the Best- from off the green!

  • Closest 2nd shot to the pin #1
  • Closest 2nd shot to the pin #3
  • Closest 2nd shot to the pin #4
  • Longest putt on #7
  • Closest 2nd shot to the pin #8

Please remember to tee off as soon as the team ahead is out of range. Short hitters are encouraged to tee off first. We play ready golf! No provisional balls and mulligans are 2 per team, not 2 per player.

Sprague Roofing is doing a Charity golf tournament on May 20th Registration can be found at Sprague Golf Tourney